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The Wernono Family is a contemporary Christian Band from Nairobi, Kenya, consisting of ten soulijahz members. Four of these soulijahz consist of Calebrity, Ng'ashville, Mr. Lee and Rawny Ron, who make up the group known as F.A.T.M.O.D – in other words Faithful Available Teachable Men of Destiny. The other band members are Danco and Alvo who make up what could very easily be the most authentic reggae outfit in East Africa, “The Chiefs". The others include a Hip-hop duo - Shem and Gilly and are called "React”. Last but not least the other two solo artists, Solid C and S.M.A, offers a flawless reggae-type flow and deep bass to the band.

 The History of the Wernono Family that has made an impact on the Kenyan Music Scene:

 The band was formed about seven years ago and is believed that it was no coincidence but that of Divine Intervention; furthermore the main idea is to offer support to each other’s music.  
  • FATMOD released their smash hit “Songa Kando” in 2004. The hit song which features on this album – Walalala si Watu Walikaika Hio Ngoma – took six months to compile.
  • The Chiefs, on the other hand, also recorded a hit by the name of “Mbona Mnachill", although their primary focus was on performing live.
  • Of special interest is that both FATMOD and Chiefs share fellowship at KAG Buruburu and that is where these two groups were discovered by talent scouts – Talent Mania Awards – which is a church-inspired church based talent search competition.
  • Lee, Calebrity, Alvo and Dunco started creating audio tracks and before long this became a network for backing up many up-and-coming artists who could not afford to pay the fees of the producers to make instrumentals for them.
  • In May 2003, “React” was presented with the Outstanding Rap Category at the Talentmania Awards.
  • React's first single which was produced in 2004 and 2005 was called 'Njoo' and was recorded at Sakata Music.
  • Solid C, in addition to S.M.A, were also being assisted by the Chiefs to becoming independent.
  Due to the collective efforts of all ten band members they have become amalgamated to become what we now call Wernono (pronounced as "wa-no-no"); Wanono is a Swahili word that means "the FAT ones” – and indeed the music of Wernono is “phat”. Members of the Wernono Family concentrate on their own individual projects or group projects as the case may be but once in a while they come together to do a project jointly. The sub-groups are not disbanded but rather united by the bigger group and go under the record label of Wernono Records under the management of Lee Wendo aka Mr. Lee.

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