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Sarah K, born Sarah Kiari, is unquestionably a resolute lady who was born forty two years ago and is a respected, well-known gospel singer who went from humble beginnings selling vegetables to blossoming into one of Kenya’s singing sensations. An inspiration to many, Sarah K has won numerous awards including the Groove and Liseme Awards. Sarah is married to a pastor, blessed with three amazing children who has come a long way from the tough beginnings of her early musical career where she worked tirelessly walking from door to door to sell her albums.

 Her history and the impact she has had on the Kenyan Gospel Music Scene:

  •  Her singing career started off when she at first borrowed money for fares to sell her music to studios literally going from door to door to market her talent.
  • Her first album was produced in 2000 and was called Wamtumainio Bwana.
  • In the year 2003 Sarah released her third album which was called Milele Daima and included the popular hit song Nasema Asante.
  • To date Sarah’s albums include Wamtumainio, Milele Daima, Adonai, Testimony, Liseme with another in the pipeline.
Sarah K attributes her success to her love of God who has blessed her ministry from the get-go plus she would love to continue ministering as this is where she gets her inspiration from. Her future plans include the continuation of ministering and encouraging people in their everyday lives.

 Some of Sarah K’s awards and accolades include:

  • In June 2014 Sarah K emerged as the biggest winner of the Groove Awards which took place at KICC in Nairobi.
  • The three awards which she bagged included Female Artiste and Song Writer of the Year.
  • Her song Hakuna Silaha was voted as the top Worship Song of the Year.
  • Her son and producer received these accolades on her behalf due to her other commitments as she was away singing in The States.
 Sarah Kiarie, best known as Sarah K is indeed a lady of faith who is undoubtedly esteemed by many and idolised – without question one of the most up and coming gospel singers in Kenya.