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Rose Muhando is a popular East African Swahili Gospel singer who was born in 1976 in Dumila Village in the Kilosa District of the Morogoro Region in Tanzania. Rose baffled her doctors and parents when she became bedridden at the age of nine for three years. Rose dropped out of school as a cure for her mysterious ailment could not be found even after valiant attempts were made to find the cause of her illness after visiting one hospital after the other, but after being cured she re-enrolled, much to the surprise of her peers and teachers, although she did not attend high school once her primary education was completed. Even though she was raised as a devout Muslim, attending the Madras School, she has been converted to Christianity after she claimed she had a vision and was healed thereafter. Rose Muhando started her musical career as a teacher at St. Mary’s Choir for the Chimuli Anglican Church in Dodoma. Although Rose Muhando is unmarried, she has three beautiful children between the ages of nine and fourteen. History of Rose Muhando’s music career: A family friend introduced Rose to the Anglican Church to give testimony of her healing and the week thereafter was Easter. On Easter Friday Rose was baptised which marked her new beginning as a Christian. Rose joined the church choir and in 2003, Chimuli Anglican Church invited her to Dodoma where she recorded an album with St. Maryâ’s Choir. In the same year under the sponsorship of Nathan Wai, she recorded her first Album, Mteule Uwe Macho, which shot her to fame. In 2009 Rose Muhando won the Best Singer Gospel Awards and also won Best Tanzanian Singer where she was awarded Tsh 200 000 by the Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) for her song, “Nidebe”. In 2005 Rose was presented as best singer, composer and album at the Tanzanian Gospel Music Award ceremony. In 2008 Rose walked off with the coveted Best Female Gospel Artist in Africa, at the Groove Awards. In 2011 Rose signed a multi-record deal with Sony Music which took place in Dar-es-Salaam and is the first of its kind in Africa. At present: Rose Muhando spends much of her time composing fresh material and new songs and on Sundays she preaches and tours.