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Rabadaba was born on the 5th of February, 1987 in Uganda. He is a Hip-Hop artist who is most famous for his hot off-the-shelf hit, Bwekiri. Rabadaba was born Faizal Ssequya – a talented musician bent on dominating the airwaves of Uganda. Music career of Rabadaba:
  • Rabadaba has been around for a while unbeknownst to many Ugandans.
  •  He was a member of the group “Spontaneous” consisting of Gatimo and Paragon and who had worked with Grace Nakimera.
  •  Further down the line all these musicians went onto become solo artists.
  •  After his hit Bwekiri, he produced many other hit songs such as “Mukyamu” and “Oli Mubi”. These encouraged him to collaborate with “The Good Lyfe Crew Boys” in 2009.
  •  In 2010, Rabadaba became one of the most sought-after artists in Uganda, winning the Ragga Artist of the year Annual PAM Awards.
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