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Professor Jay, born Joseph Haule in December 1975 is a hip-hop music artist from Tanzania.  

History of Professor Jay:

Professor Jay is a tremendously prominent musician in East Africa and especially in Tanzania where he is often referred to as being the representative of Bongo Flava music. Professor Jay is without question one of Tanzania’s top musicians with his primary focus being on Bongo Flava and hip-hop mixing traditional Tanzanian music with lyrics written in Kishwahili accompanied by Western hip-hop elements usually addressing social issues including HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, political issues and other everyday pertinent matters. Suffice to say, there are few rappers on the continent of Africa that are as well known as Professor Jay, always drawing huge crowds to his shows. Beginning his career in Tanzania, Professor Jay started rapping with the group Hard Blasters. Hits such as Chemsha Bongo and Funga Kazi made the group popular and brought fame to them, and a year later won the honour of best hip-hop group in Tanzania. Professor Jay went solo in 2001, releasing more hits. With his very first album he gained instant recognition and won numerous accolades and awards including Best Hip-Hop Album in Tanzania and with his second album Mapinduzi halisi, he walked away with Best Male Artist as well as Best Songwriter at Kisima. Furthermore he was recently nominated in the category Best Hip-Hop Artist at the 2008 MTV Africa Music Awards in Abuja, Nigeria with other well- known Hip-Hop artists the likes of 9ice from Nigeria, HHP from South Africa, Lil Wayne from the USA as well as The Game from the USA – no small feat.  

Some of the albums that have put Professor Jay on the map include:

  • Nikusaidiaje
  • Zali la Mentali
  • Piga Makofi
  • Yataka Moyo
  Professor Jay is indeed a musical legend and hugely popular not only in his native Tanzania but is revered all over the world.