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Perhaps one of Tanzania’s brightest shining stars, MwanaFA, was born Hamis Mwinjuma and is best known for his popular Bongo Flava music. MwanaFA started performing at a young age at school in 1993 in the Tanga region. Even when at primary school his early influences were his cousin brother; China Black and Kasir which were known as QGC – Quite Gangster Chronic. In 1995, MwanaFA formed a group by the name of Black Skin with school friends, Robby Ras and Getherics and in 1996 they walked off with third prize in the Tanga Hip-Hop competition. In 1998 MwanaFA returned to Dar es Salaam to complete his high school education whilst concentrating on his music career. As an artist MwanaFA boasts a large fan base right across Tanzania because through his music he sends a message relating to the ordinary everyday lives of Tanzanians from all walks of life. Some of these relevant hits include Ingekuwa Vipi, Alikufa kwa Ngoma,‘Msiache Kuongea, Bado Nipo Nipo, Yalaiti and Ameen. MwanaFA has proved that not only is he the best but Bongo Flava musician in Tanzania but is also a role model for the ordinary man in the street. History of MwanaFA’s musical career: Some of his music albums include:
  • Mwanafalsafani – 2002.
  • Toleo Lijalo – 2003.
  • Unanitega – this won best Hip-Hop album of the year at the Kili Awards in 2005.
  • Unanitega also included a best collaboration single of the year at the awards ceremony.
  MwanaFA often sources his inspiration from reading and movies and has a unique style which includes both Hip-Hop music and instrumental with rap added plus he has a wonderful way with words which he combines with powerful imagery. That is why he is called MwanaFA  - translated, the name means philosopher in Swahili. At present MwanaFA is busy with his Master’s Degree in Finance at Coventry in the UK – indeed there is no limit to this talented artist who wants to demonstrate how, through his art medium, how he would love to encourage motivation amongst the youth of Tanzania.    

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