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Lameck Ditto was born Lameck Kalengezi in the Kagera Region, Western Tanzania, in 1987. He is a brilliant performing Bongo Flava artist and singer who had the rare honour of performing in New York in the USA in the fourth quarter of 2011 where he shared the stage with Angelique Kidjo, one of Africa’s finest musicians. The two sang in front of former president George W. Bush’s wife Laura and the founder of America’s Pop Idol Contest, Simon Fuller. He started his musical career in earnest at the age of seventeen featuring on the famous Hip-Hop artist, Afande Sele’s first album. History of Lameck Ditto’s illustrious musical career:
  • In 2005 Ditto released his first single known as Dunia Ina Mambo which translated means: “The World Has So Much” – on this album featured was Afande Sele.
  • His first album, ‘Wapo” translated means “They are In”, reflects the truth of life touching on social, economic and political issues.
  • Ditto was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to perform in some of the most prestigious events which in include Fiesta and East Africa Finest.
  • Ditto is a talented writer – he created the anthem song for Malaria which is called Zinduka and which is performed by some of the biggest names in Tanzania’s music scene.
  • Other hits he wrote include “Angalau” which translated means “At Least” which has also been performed by one of Tanzania’s singing sensations, Matamula.
  • Ditto is the founder of the LAFamilia Group in addition is perhaps currently one of the more well-known Bongo Flava artists in the region.
  • Not only is he a fantastic vocalist but is also a talented music composer/writer who has been part and parcel of the Tanzanian music scene for quite some time, featuring in a variety of tracks.
  • He has been included on tracks with Chidi Benz (Dar Stand Up)as well as other big collaborations with other famous Tanzanian artists.
Lameck Ditto is going places with his melodious voice and brilliant message bringing fine music to Tanzanians from all walks of life.

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