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Khadija Kopa was born in 1963 in Zanzibar. She is a married grandmother who has four children and two grandchildren. Khadija is a popular veteran singer of Taarab Country music. This music sensation attended the Madrasa School in Zanzibar and loved to sing from a very early age. She joined the school choir during primary school which won numerous awards throughout Zanzibar, and continued with her interest and passion in music right throughout her high school career. Her music began in earnest in 1990 when she sang in the “Culture Musical Club” after her grandfather realised this was a talent untapped and wrote to them a letter of recommendation because he recognised that this was a gift that needed to be nurtured. Besides being an accomplished musician, Khadija Kopa is a successful entrepreneur as well as a political activist, although she is proudest and has received the most acclaim for being a gifted albeit popular musician, winning many accolades and awards. For the past eleven years, Khadija Kopa has continued to sing Kuporomosha Kopa Music. The sweetness of her voice has not diminished through the decades continuing to captivate as well as enthralling Tanzanians from all walks of life. Here is a list of some of her achievements:
  • The Ream.
  • Fantasy
  • Baamed
  • Tanzania One Theatre (TOT) – Full Stop.
  • Khadija Kopa – Best of Khadija Kopa.
  • Khadija Kopa – Full Stop.
Khadija Kopa boasts having many tributes and honours under her belt. In 2012 she walked off with the prestigious Best Female Performer at the Kili Tanzanian Music Awards, which is held annually in Tanzania. They are also called the Kiliminjaro Music Awards which was established in 1999 by the National Arts Council under the Tanzanian Ministry of Education and Culture – winning such an away is certainly no small feat. We will be hearing more from this accomplished music star in the future as Khadija Kopa goes from strength to strength.

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