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For those that don’t know who Juliani is – Juliani is perhaps one of the most popular, sizzling hot Gospel Rappers in Kenya at present who has a long musical career in front of him. His songs continue to captivate his fans with singles that are brimming with lyrics. Juliani, easily recognisable by a head of dreadlocks and stunning performances sends shivers up the spines of fans, driving then into a frenzy.

History of Juliani:

Juliani was born and raised in a Christian home in Dandora and is the third child of a family of six children. A friend of his, Warogi Wasili, a born-again Christian, encouraged him to follow suit, introducing him to the Nairobi Lighthouse Church. Juliani soon followed this path and is growing in strength as a Christian on a daily basis. At one stage Juliani was a group member of the band Ukoo Flani playing at gigs and night clubs – in particular at the Florida 2000 Night Club before going solo.

Juliani’s influence on the Kenyan music scene:

  • Juliani started working with Kijiji Records in 2006; this is a local label run by Kanji who is a local music pioneer.
  • Juliani teamed up with Astar, a Kora nominee, and together the duet toured local colleges and schools where they were well-received.
  • Supporting caused the likes of Vina Na Maana which is a campaign against Economic Partnership Agreements, Stand Up Against Poverty and joined the World Vision Peace Tour around Kenyan cities and Town.
  • It is of special interest that this righteous citizen of Kenya collaborated with other top artists after violence erupted in Kenya in 2008 after the elections, and recorded a multi-award winning single and video which was called Wakenya Pamoja.

Music label:

  • In 2008 Juliani was the first local act to be signed up for a UK label – Gatwich Records.
  • Soon thereafter this incredibly talented Gospel Rapper released his acclaimed album, Mtaa Mentality.
  • With his music brimming with lyrics that broach topics relevant to society in the world of today, it is unsurprising that Juliani is one of the finest on Kenya’s music scene.
Juliani still remains a humble type despite his fabulous musical success – perhaps it is mostly due to his passion for his art and deep faith.

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