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John Lisu is a much-loved popular Gospel Singer from Tanzania. From a very early age, John Lisu loved playing music. His first instrument was a home-spun guitar. When John was born his father gave John to The Lord and one of the fundamentals of his music is sharing an intimate connection with God. Through his wonderfully sweet tunes, he is able to transport all those that listen to the Heavenly Realms. At one stage in his life, John was a homeless person who spent many months living and sleeping in a cardboard box before he found refuge in the church in Dar es Salaam – and today he ministers at this very same church. His Music:
  • Jehova Yu Hai is the first of his albums that was a resounding success making John a household name.
  • Uko Hapa is the second of John Lisu’s albums that he released – his life is a typical rags to riches tale.
He has been backed by Prosper Mwakitalima and is eternally grateful for his unending help and inspiration to ensure that the second album has been the unquestionable success it has proved to be, even though it took him five years to make this happen. John Lisu is of the belief that Gospel Music deals with real life issues in the lives of ordinary people where they seek answers to questions about personal issues. At present: John Lisu has been part and parcel of AFLEWO Tanzania and is a worship leader plus accomplished songwriter. AFLEWO is an acronym for Africa Let’s Worship – and is an interdenominational All-Night Worship project for people from all walks of life where they congregation breaking down barriers with their voices being lifted in worship in reverence to God. It is the successful initiative of Daystar University’s Sing Africa Alumni. The vision of this ministry is to have an AFLEWO event in all 52 countries right across the continent of Africa. So far AFLEWO has hosted three events in Kenya and has also made inroads into Tanzania. John Lisu is indeed going places with his music, inspiring and teaching the gospel along the way.

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