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Fid Q is a popular Bongo Flava artist from Tanzania. He was born Farid Banda on the 13th of August 1982 in Mwanza, Tanzania; a musician who is passionate about his art. He has made a name for himself on the Tanzanian Hip-Hop music scene - furthermore he has travelled extensively to promote his music. History of Fid Q’s music:
  • Fid Q’s music career started in earnest in the 1990’s when he released his first hit called “This is a Man” sung by artiste Mr. Paul. The track was recorded under the label MJ records, which launched his music career in earnest.
  • His second hit, “Daughter Queen” featured Noorelly.
  • In 2004 Fid Q released “Fid” in the Baucha Studios.
Fid Q is also very active online making full use of this platform to promote his music through social networking avenues where he markets himself successfully, gaining more and more popularity as time passes. Fid Q is an authentic representative of Tanzanian Hip-Hop music plus he has been around for ten years, creating sizzling hot music. His website has been created to represent different rappers’ free styling every Friday. Fid Q – a musician not afraid to take risk,s delivers rapid, raw heavy bom-bap music. Little did Bongo Flava enthusiasts know what they were getting themselves into by letting this humble hip-hopper through the hallowed gates of the Bongo Flava music scene. Fid Q is an all-rounder; a passionate artist and complete MC who does not rely on cheesy choruses to make his dreams happen and his music come to life. In an era where bubblegum rap is the order of the day, Fid Q is a breath of fresh air, standing tall when compared to other artists practicing the same music genre. Fid Q is a self-confessed “one man army” – “Fid Q ni jeshi la tu mmoja” who ambles onto stage for Dolo, captivating the audience with his music. This talented musician is a force to be reckoned with and an ambassador for a Virus-Free Tanzania, creating thought-provoking songs and music that tackle tough social issues that ordinary Tanzanians deal with on a daily basis.

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