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Cinderella Sanyu was born in 1985 on the 28th August. She is a well-known Ugandan Afro-Pop singer and song writer, more commonly referred to as Cindy which is her preferred stage name. As a youngster Cindy was never given the opportunity to sing in her school choir because she was very small in stature. Her musical talents, however, were appreciated and nurtured at home by her dedicated mother and church.

History of Cindy Sanyu’s auspicious musical career:

Her debut solo album, Ayokyayokya which was released in 2009 propelled her to fame and still tops the charts throughout East Africa. Hits such as Mbikooye together with Nawewe (2008), Ayokyayokya(2009) and now One and Only (2010) have made her a well-liked musician. To date Cindy has walked off with numerous accolades. She was a member of the group which went by the name of Blu3 together with Jackie Chandiru and Lilliane Lee Mbabazi. In 2005 they walked off with the prestigious Coca Cola Pop Stars competition in Uganda. Their debut album “Hitaji” went onto being a massive success. Thereafter they embarked on an extensive tour of the continent of Africa and their second album called “Blue” was released in 2007 which was a massive.   In 2008 Cindy went solo after leaving the group to pursue her own career releasing her first single “Mbikooye” later in the year. Listen to Cindy’s music through the Mziiki free music streaming app or visit

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