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Big Pin was born Chrispin Mwangale where he was raised in a normal home boasting a regular childhood where he completed his secondary schooling at St. Christopher’s Secondary School. After his school career was completed Big Pin met the late and great E-Sir where together they paid a visit to the Ogopa DJ Studios a couple of days after their first meeting, creating their initial single which was a perfect compilation of these two incredible talents – the result was called Nimefika/Jo.

History of Pig Pin’s Illustrious Music Career and the influence it had on African Music:

Ogopa DJ’s soon recognised the obvious talent of Big Pin as a solo artist and offered him an opportunity to take part in the compilation of the album, “Ogopa 2 – Strictly For the Hanyee in You”. Big Pin’s first solo effort, “Big Pin”, was included in this album. Many believe that Big Pin may have had some home court advantage to justify the success of his musical career. The late E-Sir, late K-Rupt and Big Pin are often believed to have independently made “South C” music popular – a suburban area of Nairobi. Of special interest is that the youth of this area were so proud of where they came from and the music of the area that they created a unique clothing line resplendent with their three music idols including catch phrases and images.

Big Pin’s Music Career:

  • Big Pin’s song, “Big Pin”, “East from Beast” was the soundtrack in a TV commercial.
  • Big Pin also presented a track in Nameless's, a Kenyan musician’s album titled “On Fire”.
  • Big Pin was nominated as Best Male Artist in 2004 at the Kisima Awards.
  • He was offered a double spot appearance on Ogopa DJ's 3rd compilation album “Ogopa 3”; furthermore Big Pin was given a double spot appearance on Kenyan Club Classics as a guest appearance on the lead single “Talk to You”
  • Big Pin’s second solo album, “Natafuta”. “Talk to you” topped numerous radio and TV hits.
  • Big Pin has also performed in Kleptomaniax's debut album “M4E” on the ‘industry reality driven single “Sichimbiki”.
In December 2004, Big Pin won the KORA Award for “Best Male Artiste in East Africa” for the song “Natafuta” – an award similar to the US Grammy Awards.

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