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Elias Barnabas Inyasi is without question one of the youngest and most prominent and successful songwriters cum musicians/performers in modern-day Tanzania. Music Label: Tanzania House of Talent. Music Manager: THT (Tanzania House of Talent).

History and Background of Elias Barnabas:

Elias Barnabas Inyasi (Barnabas) began his illustrious musical career in 2000 by training for vocals in his local church choir. At 17 years of age he joined THT (Tanzania House of Talent) with the general idea of becoming a hip-hop musician, although his main musical interests soon changed when he was presented with a guitar which he has since treasured.

Songs that made Barnaba famous:

  • His first song was “Baby I Love You” in 2007 where he soon realised that he had to be different and exceptional to make it onto the music scene.
  • Njia Panda” was then written which propelled him to fame and became an enormous success.
  • Barnabas’s dreams and aspirations are to become an international star.

Genres and types of music:

Experimenting with a variety of instruments, techniques and genres is what Barnabas does best. Recently, Barnabas received the most music accolades at the Tanzania Music Awards with two of his recent songs reaching number one on the music charts. Barnabas plays the bass guitar, rhythm guitar as well as the piano although his major talent lies in composing music. Furthermore he was voted as being the number one composer in Tanzania. At present he is producing and writing music along with lyrics for other artists. A huge feather in Barnabas’s cap is that in June of 2011 he had written a whopping six out of twenty top fave songs in Tanzania. It is due to the support and encouragement through TNT that Barnabas’s family life has been transformed; furthermore with this kind of unfailing support, he should reach his dreams before long.

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