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Kevin Bahati is a 19 year old star who was raised at ABC orphanage in the Mathare slums in Kenya after he lost his parents. Instead of succumbing to a life of poverty and gangsterism and crime where many tend to sniff glue, snatch handbags and smoke bhang, Bahati went to a children’s home where he sought shelter and an education; this is an impressive line of thinking for a small seven-year-old child. The home sponsored Bahati to study at Mercury Academy, where he sat for his KCPE exams. Thereafter he attended Nakeel High School, Kajiado, but had to drop out when his sponsor could no longer pay his fees. Fortunately this young man was offered a spot at St Theresa’s Boys Eastleigh, where he continued with his secondary education until he graduated in 2011 and managed to get a C+ grade. It was difficult because he had to depend entirely on friends and the kindness and charity of others. The history of Bahati’s musical career and the influence it has on Kenyan music:
  • Bahati entered the world of music and the arts by reciting poetry in Swahili and in 2010 he represented his school in the Music Festival National Level which was held in Nakuru, performing a solo guitar piece, impressing his peers and teachers.
  • As soon as he left high school, he recorded his first song,“Siku ya Kwanza”, which describes how Bahati was saved.
  • His music has been well-received and he now enjoys a healthy following of fans both through the medium of radio as well as the platform of TV.
  • TV Programmes that showcase Bahati’s music include Tukuza(KTN), Kubamba (Citizen), Cross over 101 (NTV), and Replay Show (System Unit).
Bahati, born Kevin Kioko, has much to be proud of and songs such as Mama, Machozi and Barua top the Gospel Billboard, winning him awards whilst establishing himself as one of the Gospel Biggest Voices Locally to an International platform.  

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