Music Genres – African Music from the Far Corners of This Vast Continent

The heartbeat of Africa in its most pure form can be heard in African music that is almost always accompanied by some art form or another, and depicts the feelings and life of entire communities; this is indeed a continent of contrasts.

Listen to the drums or enjoy the sound of feet pounding, hands clapping where the notes of these pure sounds are transported into dance steps.

Suffice to say, dance, music and story-telling, handed down from one generation to the next have flourished throughout the continent of Africa. Music is the lifeblood of those living from one corner to the next  where the traditions of music in its raw and ancient forms depicting different regions and which are proud to show off distinct African music traditions often not written but handed down aurally.

Some of the elements of African music include rhythm, melody, harmony, musical instruments and timber and often include elements of Western music. The uniqueness of African music makes this a unique music genre.  The African content is filled with different music genres from North Africa to South Africa that have their similarities and differences, but the one thing they all have in common is the feel good vibe you get.


–  Adult contemporary

–  Afrikaans Music

– Afro Beat

– Afro-fusion

– Afro Pop Music

– Alternative