What defines the music of Zambia? Zambian Music is made up mostly of three different groups – these include Traditional Zambian Music, Christian Music and Pop Music.

Traditional Zambian Music is derived from the music of different cultural and ethnic groups and tribes although music in Zambian seems to have dwindled somewhat over the past thirty years or so. In the past the songs were used as teaching tools and also played a role in ritual practices.

In almost every Traditional Zambian song the thread of “call-and-response” can be heard accompanied by drums and polymeters.

Modern music such as the Zambian Kalindula finds its origins in Traditional Zambian Music, too. In the 90’s economic and political issues which caused the demise of the Zambian Music industry, but unfazed by this catastrophe, Zambian airwaves enjoy an influx of imported music ranging from Reggae to Hip-Hop and R & B.

Christian Music in Zambia delights in an influence of Europe and America presenting a popular form of melody sung in churches found throughout Zambia. Suffice to say hymns from Britain and America form part of the fabric of the Christian cloth of Zambia. The Heritage Singers Choir and Heritage Brothers of the SDA Church helped promote Tonic-sol-fa which is used to transmit hymns and which was brought to Africa by the British in the 19th Century.