Taarab Music Hails From Tanzania

The most common and popular music of Zanzibar is Taarab Music which is a music most popular at Swahili weddings. This genre of music also goes by the name of Tarabu or Tarab.

Taarab is the reflection of many cultures encompassing Asian and Middle Eastern tunes primarily due to the fact that so many countries have traded with Zanzibar over the centuries.

With elements of Swahili, Arabic, Egyptian and Indian flavours using instruments as well as orchestras where the oud (type of Middle Eastern guitar) as well as the dumbek, electric keyboards, Japanese taishokoto which is a type of banjo and Indian table the sound of Taarab Music is used it is unsurprising that this reflects many traditional dances, too, such as such as the Cuban Rumba, Chakacha and Indian movie dances.

Littered with Swahili poetry, the beautiful Taarab Music speaks to the soul of Tanzanians from all walks of life. If you want to sing and make music, Taarab has been created with this uppermost in mind.