Reggae Music Is The Sound Of Jamaica

Think Bob Marley and Kingston Town, Jamaica, then you have the general idea of what Reggae Music is all about. A music genre that sprang up in Jamaica during the 60’s, Reggae is brilliant dance music with its deep rhythmic sounds and beats which has evolved from the music genres of Rocksteady and Ska.

Reggae gets its name from the Spanish which is a term for “The King’s Music, with its origins from the Latin word regi, which means ‘to the king”.

It is no secret that Bob Marley was Reggae’s most popular ambassador and from his early days as a rocksteady band and in the early days saw him evolving into a Rastafarian follower – take note that Rastafarianism and Reggae go hand-in-glove with each other.

Although Bob Marley is a big name as far as Reggae Music is concerned he is not the only big name in Reggae – names such as Jimmy Cliff and Peter Tosh also played a huge role in the evolution of this genre of music.