R & B Music 

Rhythms and Blues Music, otherwise known as R&B Music, first surfaced during the 1940’s. Predominantly an African-American sound originating from Blues and Jazz it soon evolved into something with a deep beat and became the preferred music used for dancing in dance halls throughout the USA.

In 1949 the name of Harlem Hit Parade was replaced by Rhythm and Blues with the songs being primarily about the everyday lives of people including work, sex and booze.

Huckle Buck by Paul Williams became a huge Rhythm and Blues hit and believed to be a bit vulgar for its time, with their sell-out concerts often being shut down as they were considered to be too wild and out of control and by the 50’s R & B music’s Little Richard with his hits Long Tall Sally and Tutt-Frutti as well as other artists the likes of Fats Domino and Bo Diddly together with Chuck Berry made a huge impact on the then music scene carrying through the thread into today’s modern R & B Music scene.

The 60’s saw soul being included into R & B and in the 70’s a bit of disco was added to this genre.

By the time the 80’s arrived R & B included a whole range of genres such as Pop Music, funk, soul in addition to rock and roll. Today we enjoy artists such as Mariah Carey, Boyz11Men, the late great Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston taking R & B Music to new heights as never seen before.