Pop Music

Although a rather general term Pop Music, otherwise known as Popular Music first made its debut in the 1950’s. Ever since the 1950’s Pop Music has been the music style that is most attainable to the public, sells the most records and attracts the biggest live concert audiences as well as having the largest listenership on the radio.

Bill Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock” number one debut album in 1955 and the influence of Rock n Roll set the stage for Pop Music as we know it today.

Pop Music often borrows other music styles to make its own sounds – these include  Hip-Hop, R & B, Rock and a plethora of other music genres incorporated in a multitude of ways over the past sixty years.

Of particular interest is that most recently music from the Middle East as well as Latin American tunes have been added to make modern Pop Music; constantly changing and a melting pot of various styles and tunes blends into what we have come to know as a flexible, enjoyable genre enjoyed by millions throughout the world.

Even though it is forever changing, Pop Music does offer some consistent patterns that are easily identified.