Party Music Played Celebrates a Continent

Celebrating the Music of Africa is something we do well, therefore it should not surprise that Africa produces Party Music that is spiced with poetry, the beat of drums and more, fitting for each region.

Party Music often includes rap to the very latest Hip-Hop sounds – but it is no secret that the spice added to Party Music often stems from urban dance bands from the 60’s, 70’s right through to the 90’s and even Jazz from the 20’s.

It is not surprising that myriad instruments are used for Party Music, whether it is acoustic guitars or percussion – these all add up to a giddy blend of indigenous roots progressing into luminous modernity.

Party Music, whether for simple enjoyment or music played in the millions of clubs throughout the Continent of Africa, is often peppered with hope and optimise.

Open to new and modern ideas, South Africa is a country where Psytrance also knows and Twilight Psy or SA Trance is a type of way-out psychedelic sound which gained huge popularity during the 60’s when people used drugs such as LSD to enhance their dance and musical experience – and although Psytrance still enjoys a bad repertoire today’s Twilight Psy is a far cry from the drugged induced sounds of this era.

Africa celebrates its music in different ways – Party Music is certainly no stranger to the enjoyment of those that love to party hard and club even harder.