Kwaito Music is a type of house music which started in Johannesburg during the 1990’s. It is a perfect blend of African sounds combined with Marabi from the 20’s, Kwela from the 50’s, Maskhandi and Mbaganga of the hostel dwellers and Bubblegum tunes from the 80’s. Add a bit of Imibongo which is African praise poetry and what do you have? Why – Kwaito of course.

Miriam Makeba and the late great Brenda Fassie have been a big influence on the Kwaito Music scene and combined with a bit of Hip-Hop, Jazz and UK House music you have a perfect style of music which is commonly known to us as Kwaito; Kwaito being the local music enjoyed by South Africans from all walks of life gaining popularity throughout the world.

Kwaito is about township life talking the talk and walking the walk celebrated by the youth of South Africa, and which is now exposed to the international music markets.

Although originally peppered with experiences of the apartheid era the music is now based on a more positive flavour incorporating optimistic experiences in a post-apartheid South Africa.