Kaswida Music – Qaswidah – The Music of Zanzibar

Are you interested to learn more about the music that the youth of Zanzibar love to partake in and listen to? Kaswida Music, otherwise known as Qaswidah Music, is the preferred music listed to by the youth of Zanzibar.

Even though not commonly found in the more touristy spots of Zanzibar, Kaswida Music is enjoyed all over Zanzibar by the locals and known through Islam as Qaswidah with its origins in the Arabian peninsula – in particular Oman and Yemen where these cultures have been for centuries shaped by Zanzibar.

As a more traditional music this genre is usually only played during Islamic Rituals – for example the Moulidi which is the birthday honouring the Prophet Mohammed or other high holidays and important Islamic celebrations.

Weddings, births, Eid and the Haj are also revered by singing and playing Kaswida music. The music is sung in both Swahili and Arabic encouraging optimistic behaviour and thoughts.

Qaswidah Music is played by the youth of Zanzibar and is sung with purpose, passion and deep feelings which will soon have listeners mesmerised.