House Music

House Music is best described as being a disco-type of music which began in Chicago in the 70’s but made its debut in the 80’s. An up-tempo sound enjoying deep bass rhythms, piano and/or synthesiser tunes, a bit of soul added and at times the music enjoys bits and pieces of rap.

House Music is a genre of electronic dance that is quite typically found in and around clubs since the 80’s originating from disco music, normally incorporating synths, funk and soul and is a brilliant beat to dance to with it’s typical 4 beats. Combined with more tunes and rhythms, sounds and innovations such as disco house, electro house and tribal house this makes a brilliant hybrid sound that DJ’s often use. Typical artists for House Music include names such as Frankie Knuckles, Jesse Saunders as well as Robin S although there are many other well-known names that will get your feet tapping while you trip the light fantastic until the wee hours of the morning.