The Four Elements of Hip-Hop

It all started in the Bronx in the 70’s – Hip-Hop is a mixture of cultures, with rap being profoundly entrenched in ancient African traditions.  It is believed to have started in the Southern Bronx by a Jamaican DJ – Koo Herc where his style of Deejaying was all about reciting rhymes with instrumentals.

Herc rapped away at house parties and soon his popularity spread like wild fire through Manhattan and Brooklyn, too. Soon Hip-Hop was being spread throughout New York and across the globe, gaining popularity with a hefty following of avid fans and followers.

Hip-Hop Music is an artistic genre that consists of four elements accord to DJAfrica  Bambaataa; these are MCing, DJing  breakdancing and graffiti. Hip-Hop music is popular throughout the world and is also known as Rap Music made up of stylised rhythms and speech that is chanted – no doubt a form of music expression and artistic culture that has taken this genre of music to a new level entirely.