Genge Music with Its Routes Found In Kenya

Genge Music finds its roots in Nairobi, Kenya and is a music form that combines Hip-Hop and rap, made popular by Kenyan rappers the likes of Nonini and Jua Cali and later joined by Influx Swagga as well as other artists.

A name had to be found for Kenyan music from the ‘burbs – but what to call this growing popular beat? Nonini campaigned to use the term “Genge” and not long thereafter, Calif-style Genge was so dubbed by Clement Rapudo of Calif Records in Nairobi, and the name soon stuck, thus it is called Genge today.

Genge is easily identified by a rap-style beat where rap artists converse in a rhythm-type of music that makes the song more like a conversation in the regional lingo.

Artists such as P-Unit, Nonini, Influx Swagga, Fless, Pili Pili are a couple of popular Genge artists which are household names in Kenya today and who are fast making inroads throughout the world.