Bongo Flava Music – Tanzanian Pop Music

Bongo Flava Music is another description for Tanzanian pop music, incorporating a plethora of tunes and traditional sounds; this genre of music can either be described as being part of the hip-hop movement, or even better still, a sound that is quite unique and one that is all on its own.

Groups using heavy rap with traditional Maasai tribe being the focus of certain Bongo Flava styles (the name Bongo resulting from the Swahili word, Ubongo), can be described as being a mish-mash of hip-hop, Muzik Wa Dansi and dancehall tunes as well as Indian Filmi Taraab.

Bongo Flava Music was born in the 80’s when an avid interest in American pop became popular amongst the Tanzanian youth, rapping to their hearts’ content and together with traditional music the interest in East African music became what we know as Bongo Flava Music today.