Bolingo – Otherwise Known as Congo Music or Soukous

The Republic of Congo’s homespun pop music is known as Soukous or Bolingo and is the preferred genre enjoyed by the Congolese across the border with musicians from both countries playing this style of tune; musicians the likes of Nino Malapet and Jean Serge Essous being perhaps two of the most popular to produce Bolingo.

Until the unrest in the 60’s, Brazzaville enjoyed a vivacious music scene which was the birthplace of famous bands such as Bantous de la Capital playing a big part in up-and coming Congolese music, as well as other popular styles of music.

For those that are not in the know, well-known hip-hop group Bisso na Bisso also hail from the Brazzaville region.

Soukous (Bolingo) music has its roots not only in Brazzaville but also from Kinshasa which is influenced by traditional jazz, rumba and other tunes – in other words Bolingo enjoys a fusion of styles and is today the resultant hybrid of these and other varieties of music.