Afro Pop Music is as varied and colourful as the continent of Africa itself. This music genre incorporates more than fifty genres spanning a vast array of languages, cultures, stories, political views and countries.

Afro Pop is diverse and can easily be descriptive of a plethora of styles and flavours. Afro Pop styles include music such as Afrobeat, Coupé-Décalé which is indigenous to Côte d’Ivoire and particularly playfully geared towards pleasing young audiences or it could be the lovely Soukous tunes from the Congo based on the Cuban rumba with hints of Congolese folk traditional songs and music thrown in.

Shaabi is the popular folksy Egyptian music with a fast beat and which is perfect for Arabian belly dancing.

Afro Pop could also mean the beats of Mbalax music which hails from Senegal often sung in the indigenous Wolof language, or Tsapika  thought of as fondly being similar to the strumming of an electric guitar; the combination of high-pitched singing and rhythmic  stomping of feet makes this a preferred choice of music for those in parts of Madagascar.

And then there is, of course, Kwaito so popular amongst South Africans of all ages which is a brilliant marriage of jazz and pop with a bit of Western hip-hop thrown in for colour and flavour.