Afrikaans Music (Boeremusiek) Dates Back To the Days of the Settlers


Afrikaans music finds its origins dating back to the time the settlers landed on the shores of the Cape enjoying influences of French, Dutch and German music – small wonder Europeans find this genre uplifting and enjoyable.

Afrikaans music as a rule carries a folksy type of tune which is extremely enjoyable to dance to; furthermore, Afrikaans people are fond of music and singing small wonder that during the Great Trek and early days of the pioneers this was apparent in the copious amount of religious songs composed by the settler as well as light music, composed using instruments including the concertina and violin – today known at Boeremusiek.

Although Afrikaners only really started composing Afrikaans music in earnest after the Second Language Movement which took place in 1905 when poets were permitted to express their art form, putting their poetry to music.

Today Afrikaans music and artists create popular music enjoyed by South Africans from all walks of life – suffice to say Afrikaans music plays a big role in the industry; furthermore Afrikaans musicians delight in  huge popularity both here and internationally.