There’s a certain kind of magic in adult contemporary music.  Think Celine Dion and Barry Manilow – this genre offers a style that ranges from the 1960’s to the 70’s fashioned on rhythm and blues music; a style of song that is easy on the ear yet has a little bit of rock influence – undoubtedly an evolution of pop/rock music.

Billboard started referring to the format as Adult Contemporary (or AC for short) in 1979, although many still describe this genre as being Easy Listening or Middle of the Road music.

Adult contemporary music tends to have sumptuous, calming and highly sophisticated abilities where the main emphasis is on tune and the emphasis is on harmony.

Adult contemporary makes great background music with songs being written in a basic format usually incorporating verses and choruses. Some of the instruments used for adult contemporary music are acoustic guitars, bass guitars, saxophones, pianos as well as orchestral sets and synthesisers in addition to drum machines.

Today the vast majority of music played on any AC station is smooth, very auditory and is chiefly by solo vocalists. When a buoyant song is played, it’s usually pretty tame fare such as Katy Perry’s “Californian Gurls” or Misery by Maroon Five.

Thing is you won’t hear a huge change from one song to another when listening to adult contemporary music, and that is what is so appealing about this genre.